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Writing for me

Let’s move to new things I was thinking today. After coffee and pancakes I watched a YouTube on writing. The guest was Rosemary Orchard who went through an approach to writing of all kinds. Short and long. Blogposts and stories. Research and fun. What dawned on me is that learning an approach is not just finding a tool like IAwriter and saying,

okay. Ready to write.

I remember writing many times longer form things even short stories and a few aborted attempts at novels. Something was just wrong with me, or the approach, or the outcome. Some would say I had no discipline because I stopped. I am not so sure that was the only thing. Sometimes work definitely got in the way. My last 3 years working was a blur of only 3 projects. Each requiring heavy lifting, numerous vendors and partners, and restrictive timelines. Each having a life of their own spaced between load balancers, identity management, security, cloud and premised data centers, critical application migrations from physical to virtual within a timeline that left me exhausted. Writing then was a weekend endeavor in Starbucks. Perhaps a Wordpress blog post.

It dawned on me after the podcast my time is truly mine. I can fill it or not. I can linger over the iced coffee, go as fast or slow as I please. It’s freedom. It’s moments. I can go back and create again as I want.

writing and creation as catharsis

I’ve known for awhile blogging is a release for me. It’s a catharsis of sorts which lets me put things here and just want the release of doing it for no other reason than because I want to. It took me away from Wordpress because it felt so factored and created for a world not of creation and words but accounts and business. So I determined a year ago I needed a break from that. I wanted to create for its own sake. To feel the rush of words spill out. To find a place to blog and record my vagabonding around Southeast Asia and beyond that was there for it’s own sake.

So I wondered today listening to the podcast why is not other writing the same? Why do i create here merely for the love and catharsis and yet I don’t write at all outside of blogging. I did once. Short stories, longer works, poetry, words lining up. Then… I stopped. The only real release was a day one journal and the blog.

After listening to the podcast I wanted more. I wanted to write again past journal entries and blog posts. Open ended, no timelines, no real goals. I want to see a process that I did some of before. Way before. But see other words lining up. Feel the cool breezes and warm moments of that creation again.

So off I will go. Because I want to and I have to. Nothing is owed anyone. I paid the dues. The method to create will go to the blog because it’s about my places. And this is one sorely neglected. Let’s see what it brings.

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