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Hazy late summer days

It’s been weather changes of late here. For awhile it was rain every day. Thunderstorms at night. I’d go walking often in the rain. Now at end of august the temperatures are at about 35 each day. Usually no clouds until evening when still the thunderstorms and rain move in.

It’s good beer drinking time in the evenings I think. Warm still. The West Lake always inviting for finding a cafe and eating. Drinking. Sitting. Last night walked at just before sunset and then it was beautiful out. Today about the same.

With six more months left and no real day to day tasks or goals Vietnam is an easy place to just do as I want. When I want. Except leave. I’d like to leave for Cambodia. But I can’t do that one thing. Actually if I was there nothing much would be different. I’d find an apartment downtown, walk to the sisowath quay most days. Stop for beers. Eat. Watch the sunset. Life in Phnom Penh is a little different. There I ride around in tuk tuks or walk. Walking requires some presence of mind since the cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes and bicycles are crazy. Tuk tuks take you where you want and you get them on the grab app, pass app, or just hail one down. Language and translation is showing the driver on google maps where you want to go if you hail one. On grab it’s all defined and priced before you get in.

Life there is easy too. People are very friendly and always helpful. Phnom Penh is known for its international restaurants and local markets and it’s the confluence of two mighty rivers. The Tonle Sap and the Mekong.

So I could spend lazy late summer August days there just like here. So many places to do nothing, enjoy it all. Watch the late summer arrive and change its ways soon to fall. Here in Hanoi the weather changes. In Phnom Penh not so much.

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