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A rainy day writing prompt

Every day I get a writing prompt on mastodon. It’s from if you’re interested. Today was regarding how I would spend my next rainy day. It has not rained here in Hanoi for a few days. Now we get rain in the evenings a lot but the days are summer warm often but we have cooler days too. So the next rainy day I would,

  1. Find a pho restaurant in Hanoi (which is easy) and start the day with a soulful bowl of pho bo. The broth and noodles and beef steams up and shows me how truly wonderful it is. It’s like medicine for the soul. On a rainy day in Hanoi it lifts the spirits and feelings.
  2. Find a nice indoor coffee shop here. Not difficult even though most have outdoors and indoors parts. One can sit just inside and watch the people go by with raincoats on. Motorbikes evading the puddles for the most part. School kids laughing on their way to somewhat social distanced learning.
  3. Walk in the rain. Get wet. Find absolutely nothing that requires doing which is easy in Hanoi for me. Find the joy of walking as the rain beats down and sometimes gets more intense but often finishes in 30 or so minutes.
  4. Maybe find an umbrella by a police guard station and share with others. The police don’t care. Other times a covered bus stop is good. By far though a building with an awning works the best. Others stop and share. Everyone watches the rain but laughter ripples out. Vietnamese are happy people even during this next rainy day.

The rainy day. A wander in Hanoi. Quiet moments with pho and coffee. Perhaps some dreams that need dreaming. Reality is Hanoi opens it all up for me. Rainy days with their logic. That warm southeast Asian sun. All the moods.

A rainy day though is timeless in Vietnam. It lasts until it’s done. Like my time here.

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