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Morning coffee time

It’s my time for coffee here. I have these places I like going and one is the Paris Baguette bakery. It’s right on west lake and attracts the workers, students and expats. WiFi is free and unlimited and nothing to really do besides enter the password once and the iPhone does the rest. Most other coffee shops use their phone number for WiFi but some have authentication or codes. Notably Starbucks here. I don’t do Starbucks here at all seems like. There are a number of them throughout the city. I usually will do the neighborhood coffee shops but I prefer iced coffee here in the Hanoi style. All will do that.

Another place I like is Toms. They offer an eclectic mix of food like pancakes with bacon and fresh fruit. Down the street is Mystic Cafe. Good for coffee and breakfast and beer at night. They also make some good fried rice dishes for a reasonable price.

Coffee is everyday here in Hanoi. I wrote on the blog before about various places and their coffee cultures. I really enjoy Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Cambodia. Taiwan was fantastic for coffee too. Hong Kong was disappointing. I guess I’m spoiled with morning coffee time.

My Vietnamese friends prefer local shops so we often go to them. Sitting outside, the constant blur of conversation, the morning slowly turning. We will sit and talk and soon other Vietnamese will want to talk to us. My friends have to translate. Soon I get it. It’s the questions I have been asked so many times here.

are you happy in our country? Do you like Vietnamese food? What is your favorite? What is your name? How is Hanoi for you?

And on it goes. From coffee to life to food to Vietnam. Morning coffee time in Vietnam. It’s social networking disguised as a caffeine boost. And I love it.

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