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New week here

It’s Monday so perhaps I will count Monday as the start of the new week this week. I’ll be going to Highlands Coffee (think Starbucks) soon to see another old American retired guy and his Vietnamese wife. They both are fun to visit with and I just kinda picked the coffee house because it sits right on Truc Bach Lake and the view is nice. This week will also do Italian food on Friday with some Vietnamese friends. The place I chose is close to where I live and looks to be nice.

My old friend AFT leaves the Philippines soon for the US. I don’t envy him but he needs to make his presence felt I guess where he works. He has not been able to meet team members in his cloud computing team since COVID-19 started. I hope AFT is ok with his family there since they are going back too. He has lived off and on in Manila for almost 20 years working for a variety of big cloud players.

The Covid-19 scene here has stabilized since the community outbreak back in July. Most likely we will not have enhanced social distancing which means staying at home unless shopping for essentials. We are at a little over 350 active cases, about 30 deaths, and more people are going home after hospital stays. We have reached 0 new community transmissions and deaths being reported today. Yay!

The rules now are to maintain 2 to 3m distancing and restaurants and coffee shops have removed tables and chairs closer than that. Face masks must be worn when outside. Here it’s not a big deal because a lot of people just wear them anyways. We can be fined for not wearing. Throwing old masks away on streets is an offense too. I bought a box of face masks and hand sanitizer at a pharmacy here before. These things have always been easy to find here.

So there’s a Monday in Hanoi. I may walk over to a temple complex here after coffee this morning. If so, pictures later. It’s a nice walk there. The month of August early on was rainy. Now we have warmer days around 34 most days. We have not had the steady rains for about a week although evening thundershowers occur often. Hanoi has different seasons so September is kind of a transitional month to cooler and dryer conditions.

Now at the Highlands Coffee. Had a banh mi sandwich for about $1.00 here and an iced coffee. Now done with the food part so relaxing with the coffee. Had a nice visit with my friends. Paul and the boss are nice people. It’s good to visit every so often. Now it’s just as good to have time on my own.

There’s never a rush here to finish. Just like me. Never a rush to go or stop.

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