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Retired gentleman of leisure seen in Hanoi

Today I wandered to a few places I really like. One is the world heritage site Temple of Literature. It’s a nice walk from the coffee shop I started at. I was one of a few people visiting. Wandering slowly you can see all and backtrack all you want. Usually very busy with tours and school kids. Now it’s very quiet and serene. It has this wonderful essence of peace and solitude. I was gonna go to the Thang Long Imperial citadel but it’s closed Mondays.

Then it was time to stop for Taiwan fruit tea at Yi Fang. It’s my favorite fruit tea of all and it’s always on my way back to my room. I would visit Yi Fang all across Taiwan. It’s the best to me.

Wonderful day playing what I am. Just decided today to partake of the numerous delights Hanoi has. Here’s some photographs of my endeavors today. It was simply a beautiful day out. Warm and sunny. Blue skies and warm breezes. The weather now is extremely wondrous in Hanoi.

Now I sit facing Truc Bach Lake. Watching fish jump in the lake and the water stirs in its mysterious and profound eddies. No beginning and no end. The afternoon sun bounces to the water. Reflections stir. I’m grateful for all Vietnam does. We are safer here than in many places in the world. It’s not epic. It’s normal. It’s just a day. Time never moves. Moments stand still.

I’m close to my room but the park bench holds me fast. The retired gentleman of leisure is thankful for what he has and has not.

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