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Tuesday night catching up

Today did not do much. I wanted to evaluate the Ulysses app for writing so downloaded and moved some things over I am working on. Still kinda checking it out. It has a lot of nice features for content creation on blogs and longer writing. I think the thing that I dislike is too much organization. I’ve been using the Drafts app to do all the stuff but have moved a longer thing to IAwriter which is less on the organization side and more on the writing with no bells or whistles. Comparing the two I don’t think I could use Ulysses long term. It has some strange issues with syncing to iCloud and sometimes will not until I open the iCloud files app. There is also some basic stuff it does not do like linking to another note which is really handy.

Now am at one of my favorite burger places for a few beers and a burger. It’s about 10 minutes walk from my room. Really good burgers. Price is medium. Really don’t mind the price of things here. I pay less than $160 a month for my room. For years all I had was a room so this works fine for me. I got the room on Airbnb but then decided to stay longer so the landlady did a lease agreement for me. She has to have rental agreement with expat staying. She also has to fill out declaration form for me every so often. Before I would get visits by Vietnamese immigration to see if all was ok. Now things are not like that. They do come to visit but it’s a walk through only. The police do come every so often on wellness checks. It’s all about COVID-19 here.

Finally we reached two days with no community transmission. It’s taken some time but I am really impressed with how Vietnam handles everything from contact tracing to letting people know what’s going on. Not like some other country I know. Another reason I will not ever go back. It’s not my country any longer. America stopped being my country years ago.

Finishing up and gonna stop to get some apples and head home. Another day with little to show. Just the way I like it.

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