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Evening beer and food

Tonight I walked around the lake for a bit. Ended up at a Bia Hoi place. This place is bigger than most. Lots of fun with the food and the fresh draft beers. I ate dinner, snacks, and had numerous beers. Price came in to about $7.

The best part is being with the crowd there. Vietnamese people love to drink and eat and the bia hoi places are social like coffee houses. In the evenings you meet friends, eat, drink, tell stories, laugh a lot. Tonight was no different. I sat in the corner and there are loads of blue tables and chairs. All plastic. Waitresses wander around and people wave or yell Em Oi. My waitress saw me and held up one finger for one beer. Then I got the menu. You don’t need English. There are pictures but this menu was in English. So I ordered. More beers and food and peanuts.

There is a clipboard left on the table with the orders. Food comes and I order more beer. There is one waitress with the money. She totals up the costs and you pay. Easy stuff. Here is what it looks like. Fun place!

Then walked home. Day is done.

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