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Friday in Hanoi

Today not a lot going on. Will have dinner tonight with friends at a nearby Italian restaurant. Pasta and pizza! Last night was a lot of fun. Everyone should experience a Bia Hoi place. Love the vibes! The beer flows and there is food to go along. It’s not terribly expensive and you get to see people here doing what they do best. Eating, drinking, laughing, telling stories and always waving at me. I was the only expat in the place 😃.

I’ll probably sit here at the Bakery for awhile with my latte. I had pastries already. This place is about 10 minutes walk for me so I come here often.

Tonight we go here for dinner. Looks to be good. We try to visit new places each time we go. It’s pretty easy in Hanoi since international cuisine is big on the list here. It’s funny that we rarely do local food but I think it’s because everyone has Vietnamese food all the time.

I met one of my housemates again. She’s Vietnamese and speaks only a little English. She showed me the fridge and split a six pack of Hanoi beer with me. Hahaha. Very cute. I had given her some beer when she came in late one night.

Now it’s latte time and reflection a bit on some friends traveling. One of my oldest friends left Philippines few days ago for the US. There were only a few people on the plane. Like him and his family. That’s five people. Everyone wears the face shields and masks on the plane too. My other friend tried to get into Philippines but was denied entry in Korea and told to go back to the US. So he went that same day. Every place here is locked down. You can transit in international airports but not go through customs and get visas.

I’m exceedingly thankful to be here. Have days and weeks and months left in Vietnam. I will be glad to go though when a nearby place like Cambodia opens. It’s looking like that could be later this year. Once I get there I can get the year long retirement visa extension. The process is pretty simple. Turn over passport to reputable agent and wait a week. After that you get a visa in your passport marked for a year.

All does not matter today or a week from now. Now it’s the bakery and latte and seeing the smiles of kids looking at all the baked goods.

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