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Friday Dinner with friends

Today went for a nice walk first here in Hanoi. It was warm today and then we got brief rain showers. By later in the afternoon the sun had come out so I decided time to go. I ended up at my favorite Taiwan iced tea shop for the fresh fruit tea. It’s just delicious on a warm day. Yi Fang makes the very best Taiwan iced fruit tea ever. I get cut up fresh apples and oranges and I visit with the very nice Vietnamese girl working there. Her English is very good so we can talk. Today I got a discount as a repeat customer.

Then I headed back to home and stopped and got more drinking water and some coffee and dropped it off at my place. I walked over to the Italian restaurant we were initially gonna do but it was only open for take out. So I messaged my Vietnamese friends to meet at a bar and grill instead. They were the only Vietnamese people in there besides the team working. It was okay. I would not go back either by myself or with them.

After the food and beers we left. We decided the place was only ok. Then made plans to go to a pizza place in a few weeks that looks really good. We don’t do Vietnamese food too often. We did talk about a dinner out with some other friends at a Vietnamese place they want to take me to. Food and beer and the lake. Perhaps our dinner in October will be there. The nice thing about these very nice people is everyone speaks English so well we never use google translate to talk. We laugh and joke and tease each other with really good dinners and beer.

So that was my Friday evening out. Very nice to see my friends and I always get warmly greeted and hugged and told how much they miss me. Then it’s talking about Vietnam and food and life. Very enjoyable and relaxing and they will take care of ordering the food and drinks in Vietnamese.

Now back home. Tomorrow may go to the Hanoi citadel again. It’s a nice walk from here and it’s one of the many historic sites in the city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Good night from Hanoi Vietnam. My home until it’s not.

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