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Finishing up with beer and pizza

Nice combination. Two for one draft beer at the Ete Pub. Then a nice and cheap pizza and salad. Now I sit and just enjoy this little pub. Been here numerous times. Food is good. People are nice. Beer is cold.

I’m on the last beer and then head home. It’s a 30 minute walk from here to there. Done it many times. Day and night.

As the day spirals down to a last draft beer, thoughts spin sometimes. Back to other days. Like a year ago in Phnom Penh Cambodia drinking and eating by the river. A common thread. Eating and drinking. And walking. I could get a grab ride home for cheap but I prefer the warm Hanoi evenings walking. With beer or not it’s always so good to just see the neighborhoods and people. Tonight is no exception. Gonna head home soon. 30 minutes later walking I’m there.

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