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November or February I leave

Been thinking on this all day. I am here on a year visa but the terms are to leave every three months. Then I come back for another three. Due to COVID-19 and how Southeast Asia responded countries are locked down here. Places I would normally go like Malaysia or Cambodia are closed. No idea when they open again. There is some movement and perhaps myself and a few thousand or so others will be able to go on a visa run and then come back in again if we wish. I would like to go to Cambodia for a year. Living there is not so much different than here. But…

Must live by visa laws. My 9th month is up in November and there are rumors of changes and only being able to get a month extension instead of three. I won’t stay for just a month. So the hopes are that Cambodia will open and allow this old retired guy back in. Or I have to go back to the US. I would not stay longer than 5 weeks to get my paperwork together to leave for Ecuador. There’s nothing for me in the US and I don’t feel I belong there.

So, in a month or so I find out if I can stay another three months. If so, cool. If not I won’t stay a month and I’ll leave in November. For somewhere.

Ain’t life wonderful! 😃.

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