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Evening this way

It’s getting dark sooner in Hanoi now. Just a beautiful day here today. Sunny skies, warm temperatures. Now evening decides to show up. I’m sitting at a park as the street lights come up. Motorbikes honking their song. Busses sing some impatience. People out walking, running, watching their kids practice on bikes.

Today I walked at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. There are no bikes or busses there. Closely patrolled and the walk is a long parkway many people will walk. To get in temperatures are taken, sanitizer dispensed and face masks required. Back and forth in increments we go. Peaceful and serene walking. And rather safe. I’ve never felt unsafe In Hanoi even when offered a boom boom by a female grab driver. More recently pleasant massage offered by a rather cute girl. I declined. She walked with me for a bit. Telling me her story. Asking me for mine. Yes! She did speak really good English. But she went her way and me mine and they were not the same.

Next is dinner. And beers. And maybe more beers. It’s Friday night and some Truc Bach beers and old movies sounds good. To the little store I go after this.

Good night all. Enjoy. I will!

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