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Finding the lost

Sometimes a thing lost turns up again in an unexpected turn or twist. Once going through a car I was parting with I found a business card from the way back .com years working at a Linux startup. Under a seat, tucked away, folded in half. Like memories sometimes. Maybe I tuck them away in odd corners and beer makes them come out.

There is a person once in my life that way. Perhaps placed in some memory container that I would journal on or look at pictures of. She worked at a hotel in Saigon as a receptionist and it’s how I met her. We would go out when I came back and I would always stay at her hotel. She was fun, sometimes crazy, always Vietnamese stubborn. So that picture was opened again courtesy of Facebook and beer. And things seemed not much different than how we left them before. Dinners out at Korean bbq or a hotpot place. Coffees together. Now we talk about the months since we saw each other last. She is in another town in Vietnam working. I can go there easily. Booking a flight,getting a room at her hotel for a few nights easy. Even the opening of the memory was not that hard. Messaging her on Facebook messenger was a moment stuck between the now and then.

Finding the lost whether a business card or a person can be good and bad and both. Those moments locked away in a vault had its lock opened. Not so dusty or old. It’s why moments are better than time. A moment goes as long or short as you want or need. Time slips away with the sweep of hours and minutes.

Sometimes better to just lose the lost forever. Like a declined call. It happened but it’s gone on google voice. Who? I don’t know. Same with some people. They are like declined calls. They are there but soon consigned to the vault of the lost not being found again.

Not this though perhaps. And I’m glad.

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