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Sunday is easy

Sunday morning early the rooster let me know he was on the job. There are a few that start early and sing their morning solos to waning night and arriving day. When I first got here it took a bit to get used to it. Most mornings I sleep through the melodies. Today though they were insistent. I can hear them saying,

wake up the old retired guy

Now it’s a morning with blue skies after an evening of rain and thunderstorms. I’ll finish up my latte at Toms Coffee and decide on maybe a YouTube movie or continue reading. Sundays are slower here in Hanoi. Many shops and restaurants closed. So it’s nice to dawdle over my coffee and their excellent WiFi. Later will walk somewhere. Never really know where I go when I set out. Often though I stop for the Taiwan iced tea and maybe a banh mi for dinner. Food is not a challenge here.

September will roll by in a few weeks. Could be my last full month in Vietnam in October. Or I may get a final visa extension and stay to February. No matter what I’ll go for a week to see my L and then to Saigon and Can Tho to see another L. Worrying about visas or dates really does not work well. Too many unknowns. And there are ifs. If this. That could be.

My desire is to move one country over to Cambodia in November. I can live there pretty much like here. An apartment is about $200 a month. Sometimes WiFi and electric included. Other times you pay. Phnom Penh has a lot of nice restaurants and some friendly people.

But who knows. So I just do as I have done since landing here February 18th. Go day by day. It works well. Sunday is easy. Coffee is fresh. Beer last night was cold. My housemate asked for a beer. She always replaces with more. It’s a beer by beer thing 😃.

Have a wonderful day. Try doing less and saying you did more. Maybe it will work.

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