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Short trips

In October I’m going to Quy Nhon city in central Vietnam and south to Saigon and Can Tho. I had planned this week long endeavor to see friends that live in all three cities but I decided to wait until Vietnam reached a threshold with community infection cases of COVID-19. We’ve gone three weeks just about with no new community cases! Way to go Vietnam!

I’ve never been to Quy Nhon but it’s looking beautiful! I’ll spend three days visiting my friend L there. She works at a boutique hotel there. Beaches and a tranquil city by the coast. Fishing and food!

After my days there I fly to Saigon. It’s probably my least favorite place so I will spend one night there. I have a few things to do there. There are lots of good restaurants and coffee shops there. It’s also where my iPhone was stolen last time.

After one night I hop a bus to Can Tho in the Mekong Delta to see another L and party with her and her friend T. Can Tho is fun and a big change from Saigon. Wonderfully slower with small side streets to explore with so many cafes and shopping experiences.

Then I fly from Can Tho back to Hanoi. All of this flying cost me $73. The hotels are either cheaper or cost a bit more. Probably will spend about $200 on all three hotels. Food will be the same. Cheaper just for me and more expensive since I will take my Vietnamese friends out for dinners all the time.

There are a few other places I still want to go up north. One is Haiphong. That would be a train or bus trip from Hanoi. It’s about three hours on the train. It’s a big port city so urban photography could be fun there. Will have to see when I want to go and buy train tickets and a hotel for a few nights.

then February comes

Since I don’t quite know what happens next year, gonna try to get around inside Vietnam before then since flights and stuff are reasonable. I may go to Saigon one more time too. Who knows but will try to fit things in before February arrives.

In other news, we are going out in a week for hotpot Vietnamese style. This should involve Frog and spicy hotpot mix. And beers. Looking forward to it.


That’s a question but no one knows. Can’t really dwell on it so intend on doing the short trips inside Vietnam since it’s so easy and cheap and then will let February come on in. I’ll leave then but I don’t know where or really even when. It’s been the way of things for years in Southeast Asia for me. The no plan plan.

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