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Wednesday beers

It’s Wednesday night here in Hanoi. I walked here and there and found a restaurant I really liked for food. Finding food in Vietnam is not difficult.

Then more walking and ending up for Hanoi beers by the lake. It’s the usual spot. I sit at a table and slowly more and more Vietnamese people show up. Vietnamese people are very social and gregarious types. They love their coffee, food, and beer. Lots of friendly nods and smiles. Many xin chào from everyone. Beer flows. Talk flows. I just sit and watch the lights from the skyline that reflects on west lake. Hanoi is a beautiful city. It has it all. Small neighborhoods and malls. International cuisine and pho shops. And the coffee! Oh the coffee culture here.

There is food on just about every street corner. Cheap food.n Truth is street food is on every street. From satay to noodles to Banh mi. All there. Local markets always are good. Fruits are incredible. I can find delicious Vietnamese oranges, mango, and pineapple year round here. There are also imported fruits like grapes and apples.

But tonight its Wednesday and its beers. Now I’m home and I stopped and got a few more cold Hanoi beers and some local chips I picked at random. So I’ll drink and listen to music. I’ll consider how it is here. Safer. We have not had a community case of COVID in weeks. Social distancing is relaxing. Bars are opening again. Hanoi glistens. People laugh. Its safer. Just not safe. Nowhere is. But I’ll take this. Open that beer.


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