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Evening comes to be

This early morning it was rain. Raining hard and lasting for hours very early. By the time I left for coffee and pastries the sky had moved to wonderful clouds puffing and huffing around to the beat of cool breezes. I went to a bakery and met four very nice Vietnamese people that shared my table. We talked for over an hour about Hanoi, food, beer, covid and Vietnam’s successes battling the disease, and work at the very end.

Two of the people spoke English very well. The woman had worked at a Vietnamese news broadcast tv station and the young man was in tourism at a hotel before but now worked in IT customer service and support. Hanoi as I have mentioned is a very social and personable city. It’s not the largest city but it is the capital city. Saigon holds the largest population but it is not the most personable or social city I don’t believe. Hanoi has this spirit and soul missing in the skyscraper heart of Saigon. They agreed too but also admitted they could be biased as they are from Hanoi originally.

I always love meeting Vietnamese people wherever I end up. Smiles, laughs, discussions about food and beer, tourism and they are inquisitive, charming and authentic people. Finding out I’m retired always adds to the conversation topics. Where have I been? How long in Vietnam this time? Favorite foods. What is America really like? I answer all honestly. And perhaps with my bias about the current situation in the US.

Then we parted ways and we exchanged names and they moved to an unoccupied table as I left. They all waved and said goodbye as I left.

then back

Back to the room but a quick stop for some groceries needed. Then some hours of nothing. I am quite good at that. Now it’s getting to be time for dinner. I think some fried rice and Saigon beers will go good. No big walking endeavors today. I’m kinda lazy.

I also listened to some sci-fi audio books on YouTube. Those are really fun to listen to and with no real commercial interruptions. Now it’s time to go I think. Evening beckons out the window. Cold beer and a walk to a cafe by west lake. Then back to more of less.

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