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Trip to Hue Vietnam next week

Back in July I had planned this trip to go back to the historic city of Hue Vietnam. The city has wonderful local food choices, it was once the capital city of Vietnam, and also has the forbidden city and the citadel. One can get lost in the historic parts of the city and wandering the palaces. Back in 2018 I visited the city for a few days. Here’s some photos from then. I also visited three imperial tombs of different historic emperors then. That required an all day tour so I won’t do that again.

Now my trip happens next week starting Monday. I managed to get the same hotel as before. It’s a really nice place with included breakfasts but right down the street are coffee shops, breakfast spots and street food stands to get the usual suspects like banh mi.

I figure I will spend one day wandering the historic sites in Hue taking pictures again and the second day just wandering the city. The last day will finish up and prepare to leave. Food is prominent so will have to have some bun bo hue again.

I get back Thursday next week and then leave the following Monday on my weeklong trip to central and southern Vietnam. Will be visiting Quy Nhon, Saigon, and Can Tho. Part of the requirement now for domestic travel is a health declaration before boarding domestic flights or buses. It’s done online before going. One must also wear masks the entire time on the flight. None of the flights are very long and I’m used to face masks every day here.

These two trips are the only things planned now although in December I may go to Saigon to see my friend H. Then the new year rolls around and my time is lessening here.

Now it’s gonna be some coffee in the room and then I think Toms cafe for some comfort food. I like to comfort myself and eat the pancakes there. Hahaha. It’s Monday here and it rained most of the night. Still rather cloudy out. Daily weather now is cooler and the range of temperatures is about 25 at night to 29 day times. Pretty nice!

Have a good week! Take care and be safe out there.

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