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Tuesday in Hanoi

Today is beautiful out. No clouds and cooler temperatures. Good day to wander over to Thanh Long citadel and then to Lenin Park for awhile. I’ve gone to the citadel before but each time it rained either when I got there or after wandering around and taking pictures. So today gonna try again. Lenin Park is a larger park close to the citadel. The young people skateboard there a lot. It’s a green space which is nice to visit.

Down the road from my place are some cafes I frequent. I think this morning will do one for their smashed avocado on toast with egg and bacon and a iced coffee. The location here is good for food. Honestly though just about anywhere is good. The other night I found a nice dim sum place for dinner just out wandering around. I got lots of food for 60k VND. That’s about $3. Last night I spent more at my favorite burger joint. They build your burger the way you want it. Combine with an order of freshly cooked French fries and cold beers and life is good.

It’s gonna be fun to do some moving around starting next week. I enjoy flying and going. There’s so much here in Vietnam to see yet I have not been to. Quy Nhon is a beautiful beach city and I go there the Monday after I get back from Hue. The other two places after Quy Nhon I have been a few times. It’s just the act of going I enjoy.

So there’s a Tuesday for me. Nothing really and all day to enjoy it. Visit a historic site later today. Maybe dinner out somewhere around there. Take care you all. Stay safe out there!

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