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Sunday Hanoi Style

It’s Sunday morning here. Did not notice the roosters this morning. Maybe they took the day off 😄. It’s just about coffee time in the room and then later some breakfast. Perhaps some pastries. Yesterday I did pho and the bun cha place is closed on Sunday.

Hanoi seems a degree more silent today. Usually the street by my room has a lot of traffic. People cut through on that street to bypass the larger street with all its traffic. Also a lot of folks use the street to reach the part of West Lake nearby.

My room is along a smaller alley way and no cars allowed. Plenty of motorbikes though. Lots of school kids and people selling goods like fresh fruit, clothing, produce and other stuff from bicycles and carts. I buy stuff on occasion from them. I got some socks for cheap months ago from one lady and will buy fruit like mango and pineapple from them.

A few days ago was a holiday here. The day is celebrated throughout Asia and is known in a variety of terms. Here’s its called Mid Autumn festival . Moon cakes are commonly given and consumed and my landlady left one for me. Very rich and delicious so one will do! Each year the day is celebrated on a different day. Children particularly love the day.

For me today is a little preparation to leave for a few days. Have to get some things packed and let my landlady know when I leave and return. She will stop by and clean my room when I’m gone.

My hotel in Hue messaged me with their phone number if I need help when I land. Most Vietnamese taxi drivers don’t speak English so normally I just show them google maps with the location I am going marked. If I can get a grab car it’s much easier since the destination is entered when making the reservation for the car on the mobile app.

Anyhow that’s my Sunday. Thanks to Maique for sharing his delightful story about his boozy day in Mexico. Enjoyed it completely! Please take a read of Maique’s blog. Love the combination of pictures and words.

Have a good day wherever you find yourself.

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