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Day two in Hue

This is my second day in Hue. Today going to walk over to the Perfume River and do these walking trails. It’s been raining a bit here so may wait until afternoon and enjoy the hotel room. Yesterday did the forbidden palace for some hours. Really nice to see it and I think I was the only person in many of the areas visiting. Last night it was a traditional Vietnamese dinner from the Hue style. Very good!

Today will have some breakfast in the hotel later and then maybe visit a coffee shop down the street and relax awhile there. I don’t really have some plans or places I must get to. Yesterday doing the forbidden palace was the one thing I wished for on this trip and I got it done.

Now it’s coffee time. Then some breakfast and enjoying the hotel room immensely. There is a television in the room and it has a lot of western channels. I’ve been without a TV for months. Don’t miss it much. I did watch some news yesterday. Seems like more than a world away from my little slice of reality.

Just noticed the sky is getting lighter and there are blue patches. Maybe we will see sunshine today. The taxi driver told me no rain when I first got here. I guess I brought the rainy time.

Now it’s coffee time. Soon breakfast.

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