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Autumn days in Hanoi

I just got back last night after a few days in Hue. Had a great time, ate, drank and walked. What more could be asked for? The hotel is a wonderful place to stay and close to wonderful restaurants both local and international. The forbidden palace was so nice to walk in. Last time there were lots of tourists. This time only a few Vietnamese visitors and most of the places I had to myself.

Now back for some days at my so called home. I have a longish weekend and then fly out again to three places over a week of going. I wandered to the French Baguette bakery for morning stuff. Now I sit with hot latte and a day of nothing. Last night did a burger at my favorite place. Today I don’t know. It’s best that way.

And the days here in Hanoi have cooled off. Now we have highs in the high 20s and lows around 20 or even 19. Beautiful time of the year here. The hot latte is a nice companion this morning.

Now I can also walk earlier in the day and be comfortable at it. I had gone out in the mid and high 30s and did the walking I like. It’s warm and the cold beers taste better earlier. Hahahaha.

Anyways welcome me back. The old retired guy returns to Hanoi. Friends ask me where I go next. I don’t know. Anywhere but the US. February is a bit of a distance from the here and now. I can’t focus on things in the distance so I gave up on it years ago. No todos, no reminders, no schedules. It’s easier by far.

Friday beckons. Cooler days and cooler nights. Hanoi changes again. I can sit in the bakery and watch this little part of the world spin by. Have a good time zone you all. Be safe out there.

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