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Getting ready for a week away

Tomorrow I leave for a week. Gonna be fun. The first place is a costal and beach city I’ve not been to previously. Will spend three days there. My friend L lives and works there so will spend time with her. We will do dinners mostly and just talk. She speaks very good English so it’s pretty easy.

Next up is Saigon. It’s the largest city in Vietnam and there are lots of coffee shops and restaurants around the city. Shopping is pretty good too. I’m staying close to the Ben Thanh Market which has basically everything from food to electronics. I’m staying only one night in Saigon.

Then I catch the bus this Friday to the Mekong Delta and the city of Can Tho. I’ll spend three days there seeing my friend L and T. They run a tourism business there to explore the delta and various parts of Vietnam. We will go eat dinner at this bbq place they want to try and hopefully one night with beers at sunset at this restaurant we ate and drank at before.

I’ll fly back the following Monday to Hanoi and that’s the travel here in Vietnam so far. I may do one more short trip in November around the US Thanksgiving holiday to an island resort here. Have not decided if I do that.

January marks the end of my stay here pretty much. I don’t know where next is. Could be Thailand or Singapore or Mexico or just about anywhere besides the US. I’ll make that part up when I come to it.

Now it’s pancakes breakfast at Toms Cafe and some errands to get ready to leave. I’ll write up the places. Especially Quy Nhon since I have not been before. Definitely the photographs with the iPhone 11 Pro toy.

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