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Enter Can Tho

Made it to the city. I like it here. So decided to go back to a restaurant been to a few times the last years. They serve both Vietnamese and Thai food. Reasonable prices and friendly folks here. Tomorrow will take some photographs of here and there.

Now it’s relaxation time after about 4.5 hours on the bus. It was really a nice ride and we stopped once for a rest break. I had a bowl of pho there. Not the best. I’m spoiled with pho. Hanoi just does the food of the mind and soul the best.

visa news

Today heard some good news about staying in Vietnam longer. I will be able to just stay and extend my stay until things get better perhaps in Cambodia or Malaysia. My three places to wander are Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam but the home base would be Cambodia. With this news I can let things go and stay here. It’s hard or almost impossible for many of us retired folks to do the country hopping we love. Some go to Laos and Vietnam. Others Cambodia and Vietnam. I like the three places. Each complements the other in many ways. So now I can stay here longer and feel safer but have fun and perhaps do more little trips here and there. All good!

Now I’m done with the food and the smoothie. Gonna go read and let my hotel room take me over.

Take care all. Tomorrow is wandering the city after a free breakfast. I meet my good friend L for lunch tomorrow and the rest of two days are mine. No claims. No responsibility. See ya!

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