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Finals of the little wandering

Today I fly back to Hanoi. End of a week going here and there. I made it to Quy Nhon for the first time, Saigon, and Can Tho. Ate some really good food in all three places. It was nice to see everyone and just be able to go. I decided to summarize the places in this post so here you go.

Quy Nhon. This city is a non western tourist destination along the ocean in Ninh Binh province. It’s right along the ocean and has several beaches. The beach are came alive at night with food and beverages being sold from carts and the bars and restaurants opening at sunset. Food and coffee is really nice. We had Korean bbq and sushi for two of the meals. I also visited coffee shops and drink stands. Very friendly people. Just don’t look for lots of English spoken. It’s a Vietnamese tourist destination. One could definitely feel at home with the small neighborhoods and local markets, beautiful coffee shops, and restaurants. I think more western tourists should visit Quy Nhon and spend a few days. The ocean and beach area is very pretty in the evenings. Walking the city is nice. People stop to let you cross a road. Traffic lights are mostly obeyed.

Saigon. I’m not a big fan of Saigon but at least my phone did not get stolen. I only had one night so I took a Vietnamese friend out for dinner and then left the next day. District 1 is where most tourists and expats end up because of the dining, drinking, and social stuff. Walking in Saigon is always interesting. I did buy a few t shirts to replace some I have that I’m tired of. The Ben Thanh market is usually good for this. This time no exception.

Can Tho. This was my third or fourth visit to the Mekong Delta. I came mostly to see my dear friend L and have dinner with her and to wander, eat, and take pictures of the city. This is a nice place to visit guys. People are friendly and I was often engaged in conversation by folks at coffee shops, walking down the street next to me and from people in front of businesses. L and I did my second Korean bbq of this trip. We had the all inclusive meal which not known to us included all the beer too. L and I like to eat and drink together so we did. Can Tho is situated in the Mekong delta area and the rivers often rise and flood this time of year. It’s just an accepted thing and I walked through water puddles from both rain storms and the rising waters. I took some pictures which I shared earlier but I’m going out today for coffee and lunch later so will take more.

wrapping up

Today is it for me so I’ll head to the Can Tho airport at 330 for my two hour flight this evening to Hanoi. It’s been a really nice, and in many ways enlightening, trip. I love Hanoi so I’ll be glad to get back but the gentle movement is this secret sauce of my soul. Just the going and walking and seeing. Next post from home. Hanoi offers so many things to me. All of Vietnam is wondrous and a delight to see.

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