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Good morning Thursday!

It’s Thursday here. It may be different where you are. The roosters are crowing this morning and when one starts here then the rest of the gang join in. It is a beautiful fall day in Hanoi so the roosters have some good reasons to brag. Today I will go meet my friend Paul and his Vietnamese wife for coffee which is always fun. We always end up teasing her and she takes it all with grace and humor. Today it’s Toms coffee.

Last night i went to Mystic Cafe for dinner and beers. Had some of their always wonderful chicken fried rice. Get a plateful for about $2.00. Then the cold beers at less than a dollar each. Many, many people out taking photographs last night. Beautiful sunsets these days here.

Now though it’s morning time and I sit in my small room and listen to the sounds of a Hanoi morning. Motorbikes zooming, cars honking at motorbikes, people talking and lots of small stores, cafes and restaurants and shops opening up for business. We’ve gone almost 50 days without community transmission of covid so things here are pretty nice. Most still wear face masks because it’s a tradition here and people are used to them. Restaurants and coffee shops had social distancing rules relaxed some time back. Bars, pubs, karaoke and massage parlors are open. Usually they are the last to open however if a pub sells food and liquor it’s not classified as a bar I guess. I go to the Ete pub and it’s been open throughout. They do liquor and food.

I’m writing this on the newly released writefreely app for iOS. It’s a nice experience and very close to the default editing experience on Now I will publish this on said app and enjoy my morning. Have a wonderful time zone. You deserve it.

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