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A Friday Reprised

I had some issues with the writefreely iOS app publishing anonymous posts to this blog. I deleted one post which did not show up on which started as an anonymous post. So now using the old standard IAwriter because it more closely supports what I want. Basically I want a blog client that will save draft articles in iCloud so I can pick them up later and edit or publish from another device. I want a simple writing environment but it has to support multiple devices because it’s how I write and edit. Finally it should deal with posting to seamlessly. I still think the best effort is a connector app that would allow someone to use whatever app like 1Writer or Drafts or pretext and would simply upload the post to This frees up the blogger to create how they want. I think it must be possible and I’d pay for it.

pho and coffee Friday

Now it’s a Friday in Hanoi. I did pho down the street. Now it’s coffee. The weather is simply beautiful here. It’s about 27 out right now. Blue skies and cool morning breezes. Hanoi shines! I don’t have a plan for today. It’s right now. And right now is Hanoi coffee at the lake. Last night was a banh mi and beers at the lake. I had walked about 5 miles and decided on beers after.

Now it’s a Friday reprised. Life is not about schedules and alarms and reminders. Travel is not about destinations. Like Robert Louis Stevenson once said,

I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.

So moving is the moving. Where you end up is a small concern compared to how you got there. The same with walking here in Hanoi. It’s not the end of the side street. It’s the kids playing, the people smiling and waving. The little coffee shop that tempts. Later I’ll go find that reprise again. My Friday. Reprised.

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