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Sunday at the lake

Originally was gonna do not much of anything this morning but got a text message saying friends were at a cafe by the lake. Ended up going and then getting a banh mi for breakfast. Now I’m sitting at the lake having a final Vietnamese coffee and watching a cool, cloudy morning exert itself. There’s not a thing worth doing so I am doing nothing very good!

staying longer

I have waffled around leaving in February when my initial visa is up or extending month by month. It’s easy to just stay in Vietnam. The living is easy here. Even if I were to move elsewhere nothing is really different in how life gets done here. Finding food and coffee is a walk down the street.

There’s a bigger thing though. Safety in the pandemic age. Let’s just face that countries here are safer than most any place else. Here and Cambodia have found the method to war on Covid-19 and be successful. Something for US with its hundreds of thousands of deaths still hasn’t managed. I’m not into casting blame. I’m only looking at safety. The truth is being in Vietnam is more safe by large numbers than just going back to the US.

Then there’s what someone called the happiness level. Where does my happiness come from and how do I keep it? I’d never be happy in America. I know it because I was not happy for a decade before and wanted to go. The other element and perhaps most important is the quality of the happiness. Here I have friends that care and call me and ask about my happiness. They will invite me out for dinner or drinks. The quality of the friendship is much higher to me.

The final thing may be finances and cost of living. It’s no contest that for the day to day existence Vietnam or Cambodia or Malaysia will win over other places. I can eat and drink here and spend little. I can have a room here for less than $200 a month with all I need or want.

So all these things add up to what I call the edge. The little and the big. The small and large. My happiness and joy each day and just how easy retirement is when I have all the elements together.

putting it all together

So when you combine all things and build them. When you compile the package and find nothing wanting the inevitable question is,

Why change any of it?

Change is inevitable. It comes whether you wish it or not. It sneaks in like a thief in the night or arrives with horns blaring or sunrise alighting. We can never ignore or will it away. My mentor RWR would often say it’s gonna come and it’s constant. So we adapt and adopt or we are trapped in the backwaters like some creature watching it’s own time drift by. Unwilling or unable to change. My desire is to embrace it by bringing the things above together. I don’t expect order out of chaos. I can only decide today what today means. Tomorrow is it’s own.

I know where my happiness and safety and wonder live. It’s here now. But the wondering and wandering spirit persists. I can’t sit still and will move on. To where I don’t know. Just not the US.

A longer post than what I thought sitting at the lake this morning. Many thoughts conspire and leave and I’m grateful for them. Maybe I will walk today and not think on any of them.

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