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Writing here and there

For a long time I had only the desire to write here but I felt the need for expression and creation that offered plus their community. It allows me to easily cross post to my mastodon account which I like and the clients on iOS are very nicely developed. So based on what I want to do going forward, going to do the following:

  1. Day to day content, pictures, ideas, stuff will go to my my Those posts will be cross posted to the wonderful mastodon instance I love being a member of.
  2. Longer form content at the rate of one to two pieces a week will go here. The posts here will include the usual crap I write about.

I feel that this gives the best of each platform’s offerings. It also gives me flexibility and freedom for what I write and where I do it. It’s also a lot of fun to find a new place and create content there as I want.

So thanks for reading on both. I’m having a blast living in Hanoi. Both blogs will assuredly have the results of my living, eating, drinking, and sometimes traveling in Vietnam now. I have a longer form post I will publish on journaling soon. It’s meant to coincide with my 10 years of personal journal writing.

Stay tuned! And thanks all for reading along wherever you happen to tune in.

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