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Laziness on a Friday

It seems some days, maybe most or all days, I’m lazy. Getting up in the mornings is not a ritual. This morning waking up to beautiful cool breezes and the soft touch of rain drops soothing the morning. Vietnam is not particularly quiet in the mornings. Roosters and motorbikes are a refrain. I hear the voices of people walking by my place. Kids laughing and moms scolding. They don’t mean it and the kids know. The softer touches are always this one bird that sings to me across the void of apartments and homes and shops. Where can the bird be? And why the mournful yet uplifting solitary song? I listen for the mellifluous wandering each morning and it joins somehow to my own wandering sense.

As the morning progresses I decide to do laundry and head upstairs. We have one washing machine and clothing is hung up to dry outside on clothesline when done. It’s an easy chore to do given my clothing presents no real challenge. Shorts and cheap t shirts and no socks. Socks are optional at all times.

Then perhaps some coffee in the room and a moment to read news. I don’t care for the news so I can skip it. The Feedly app gives me a short form update I appreciate. Just enough for a lazy morning.

Today the rain has this love affair with the morning. It falls for moments only and I walk to the bakery. Pastries and a hot latte. Moments with my kindle. WiFi is good here. Outside the rain still conspires and then decides to start. Then stop. Morning breeze is cool just like when I woke up.

Tonight is dinner with Vietnamese friends. Some stir fried pho. And talk and laughs and teasing. Then they go their way and I return.

Such is the lazy day of mine. Less of nothing to accomplish. And it’s good.

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