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Sunday in Hanoi

Always time for a Sunday. Always time for Hanoi 😃. Today is a beautiful day. It will get up to about 28 today with cool breezes and wonderful blue skies. Yes. The rooster agrees!

Down the street from my place is a cafe I frequent for coffee. Then the nice lady that makes banh mi. Easy to go there and get the banh mi and then sit at the lake with coffee.

Later today will go to Hoan Kiem lake for the day. Pictures perhaps to come of the old quarter. The lake has nice sidewalks all the way around it built on weekends they close the roads and people socialize, walk, dance and drink coffee at the many cafes situated along the lake. I may walk there or I may take a grab. Either way I’ll walk back.

Now it’s beautiful blue skies and morning time with coffee in my room. Roosters crowing, horns honk and people talk. Hanoi is pretty vibrant or perhaps noisy in the mornings. I enjoy it all.

Now the election is over. I have nothing to say but a lot to think at a positive level about the result. I don’t write political stuff or post memes or devolve the blog to some view or other. I believe Dylan wrote,

The times they are a-changing

End of my lengthy political rant.

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