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Leaving Asia in January

The final 3 month visa extension is up first week in February. The last week in January I’ll get going. At first I considered going to Singapore. I’ve lived and worked there before and have friends there. Then I thought about just staying month by month in Vietnam. Truth is I don’t want either of those. So I’ll go. I even know where I’m going but I decided to not tell. Suffice to say it’s time for a change and Southeast Asia is not it.

If you arrived on the blog from my departing message on Facebook, sorry too. I will not be ever back on that site to check in or give away the places. My account is in the 30 days of waiting pending deletion. You will have to remain in mystery too. It’s good for the soul!

I will go back to the US for a few days. I do mean a few. I would like to see my daughter in the SF Bay Area. Then I’ll leave again.

My main decision point was needing a place to hunker down, in a new world and geography where life could become a different thing for me. I’ve lived here and wandered here long enough.

I guess you will just have to wait and see come first week of February. Ain’t it exciting? 😬

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