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Defining the probable

There’s a possible and a probable. I’ve spent years perfecting not having a plan or responsibilities or milestones. I don’t like agendas or goals or tasks. So I don’t use a task manager. My calendar is mostly empty except for flights and hotels. I don’t need a calendar. I’ve realized that years ago. The apps I use do a good job of reminding me of flights and hotels. So I’ve come to realize a calendar is not a must have.

I don’t use notes apps. I tried standard notes and it’s a joke. For all of the privacy and encryption what happened to usability. Like no images. Like a clunky interface and god awful syncing between devices and the utterly horrible dashboard and extensions thing. Having to clickity click and enter my email, get a link, go to extensions. Add editor that takes like more than a handful of seconds to activate. Sorry standard notes. You fail on the old retired guy usability index. End to end encryption is nice but not at the expense of butt ugly interfaces to actually do the typing and syncing in.

So all notes apps suck. Calendars suck. Todo lists suck. Lists suck. On and on. So what’s left? Good question. What was it Sherlock Holmes said,

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

So all planning, listing, actions, todos, tasks are impossible. What is left? It’s not even improbable.

It’s now. It’s the no agenda agenda. The no plan plan. Delete your tasks and reminders. You already know them. It’s ok, you have the best tracker in the world. Your brain. Do you honestly think you will forget something?

Highly improbable! Of course I mean this tongue in cheek or hiding my hand with fingers crossed. Or do I? You be the judge you note taker you. 😂

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