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Hanoi Coffee and Banh Mi

Down my street is the lady that makes the delicious banh mi with scrambled egg and sausage, plenty of spices, and veggies. They go for 30k VND. That’s a little over a dollar. Then next door is coffee. Delicious Hanoi coffee that fuels my every day. The coffee is 15k VND. Same as a beer. Hahaha. Less than $1 for coffee or beer. Life’s rough.

Now I sit at the lake having eaten my sandwich and considering the Wednesday risen to greet me. There’s not a thing to do. One acquaintance calls it “no agenda”. I call it the no plan plan. No matter what I take all the moments here gratefully. Food and beer and people. Some shorter trips until I leave. When i leave in February it will be all three I miss. But then there’s this city and it’s wonderful spirit. The no agenda and no plan means time does not exist when you hobo the world. A day here. A week there. No one counts and moments stretch out far past the known boundaries.

A smile. A hello. This warm and engaging city. Now it’s coffee by the lake. Considering the moment only. The buzz of conversation. I’m the only expat here. All the words in Vietnamese but the smiles and laughs and hellos are universal.

My friend is right. There is no agenda. There’s nothing to list or plan. There’s a moment and moment to come. Here or where I go next for months. Creating interminable lists and irritating plans avails not. It just sentences me to the lists and plans. Our spirits and souls were not meant for lists. They were meant to soar to the limits. Whether of imagination or the freedom of no limits reached.

One Vietnamese person told me how lucky I am. He said,

You are free. Free to go. As you want and please.

So true.

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