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Rainy and cool Sunday arrives

Woke up to the sound of gently falling rain this morning. I sleep with the window open and the coolness and clean air comes flooding both to the room and to the joy of laying in bed and listening to the soft patter of rain. It’s like a gentle messenger that taps out some Morse code to my senses this morning. I can’t make out all the hidden message but some is clear to me,

enjoy what I bring and revel in its cool touch

So I do. The rest of the message is lost in drumbeats of gentle consequence upon rooftops and buildings here. Somewhere now a rooster crows it’s answers.

Often, I think, we do not stop at now in our rush to rehash then and write our plans and things to do and tasks. The bird singing, the child laughing, the sounds of a rainy morning. We lose sight of the forest for the trees. We get lost in the maze of interconnecting yesterdays and tomorrows and the moments of now don’t sink in. I read entire blogs of nothing but lists of things and wonder. Do these people find something between the need to create order and organization? Like that delightful sound of rain this morning that is randomly touching the roofs and our lives.

My only goal this rainy and cool Sunday morning is to remark on the unremarkable. To leave you with no why questions. Instead I leave you with this,

Why not

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