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Tuesday morning things

This morning was blessed to see my friends Paul and the boss. We spent an hour over coffee talking about Vietnam and teasing his wife gently. Vietnamese moms are the bedrock of this society and they hold high status. One person I met came all the way back to Vietnam after 7 happy years in New Zealand because her mom needs her. It creates a wonderful ethic and family unit here. It’s notably different in America and the boss is always amazed about some of the basic things which differ. Since she speaks good English we can talk freely and discuss her family and her village. She’s open to telling me what I ask about life and culture there and I often have questions about the differences of Vietnamese village life compared to Hanoi.

We went to Toms Coffee which is a favorite of mine because the menu is so diverse. I had eggs, potatoes, bacon and toasted bread for a little over $2.50. Then some hot latte and much discussion. Now they’ve gone back home to take care of their kids and I’m situated at the lake with a Hanoi coffee and time. The times spent are nice with them and I really enjoy knowing both. I also like the solitary moments with coffee at the lake with no place to be productive at and no things which need attention.

other things

I have only had two devices for over a year. I have an iPad Air 2019 model and an iPhone 11 Pro. I got rid of a MacBook to lessen the footprint of technology and also gave the Fujifilm camera away because I tired of its requirements. I do look at the new MacBook Air with the m1 chip and think about having a third device. Truth is I don’t need it or want it. It just looks cool. I settled on these devices because of the ease in vagabonding around and packing them in a single every day carry bag. My choice of bag is here. Besides liking the name, the bags are indestructible it seems. I have the 11 inch EDC bag which holds my iPad, iPhone, passport, AirPod and assorted chargers and cables. It also means no need for a smaller daypack. I always hated the pack mule look with the bigger bag on back and a smaller daypack in front. I also got rid of the Tortuga 45L travel backpack in favor of smaller and lighter when I was back in the US earlier this year.

Adding another tech thing just means changing the approach again. Back to a smaller daypack. Not worth it. I’ve become increasingly lazy with the current stuff. I have so few things that hoboing around becomes a 15 minute exercise. The real secret is packing clothing like you are on a week trip. Pack no toiletry items. Choose tech and electronics carefully. Also check out charging cables and devices carefully. Plugs are different in different places so is power. Important to get devices rated from 110 to 250.

and then

It’s Tuesday. A warmer and humid day with less rain. A walk will be in order and some food. Ignoring all political news is a given. Have a wonderful day or night. Be assured I am sitting by west lake in Hanoi not thinking too much about Trump or the election he lost. Losers will lose. How they deal with it matters.

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