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Beer and a lake

It’s the place often I end up. At the lake with beer. I sit with no real idea or thing or place. My room is a 5 minute stumble. The beer is cheap. Ideas come and go. Some with alacrity. Others kind of stumbling in on their own disjointed journeys. The table is mine and I’m a known commodity. I like the beer in a glass with ice cubes. They don’t check on me. An Em Oi could work for another but I don’t do that. Instead now I sit and those cool lake breezes go running. Lights flash across the lake. Hanoi is a busy city. People are always going. Eating. Drinking. Taking selfie’s. Or saying hello. So many hellos. I hope I paid them all back.

I can sit here with the cold beer and the cool autumn night breezes. Time slips away. I never did like time. There’s nothing gained by living your life according to minutes and hours. Days or years. It’s what we have to explain something much bigger.

Perhaps it’s the beer talking as someone may say. It could be. Tomorrow. Today. Next week. A year from now. One more beer.

The lake.

Moments to stay. To go.

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