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Walking home last night

Here’s the scene but no photograph. I had gone across the street to this little restaurant for dinner and decided to take a shorter way back. The stairs on this route are difficult to walk down because of their spacing. It’s somewhat easier going up. As I started down the steps which I cannot do one at a time, an older Vietnamese lady was having more difficulty. She had to lean against the wall and go even more slowly. I walked to her and held out my hand. She took it. We slowly walked the steps hand in hand. She stopped at the end and told me thank you in Vietnamese many times. Then she held up eight fingers and pointed to herself. She was 80 years old.

There are lots of places its tough to walk here. The sidewalks are often uneven. Motorbikes tend to go where they please. Children and old people have to sometimes jump out of the way. I’ve often thought that these people are the most wonderful, friendly, authentic people. Until they are on a motorbike! Then it’s different.

When I held the woman’s hand and helped her she waved at her friend selling street food yelling “em oi”. Laughing and looking at me with those wonderful eyes. So full of feeling.

Just wanted to relate one minor thing in this city of both minor and major things.

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