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Some changes for the blog

Hi all. I’ve decided to make changes to the blog on This will affect subscribers and federated followers I believe. First I am going to remove the custom domain from this account and it will go back to being hosted as a domain. Likely it will be Secondly, the domain name will move and I will not be updating the blog here. I’ve thought the last days about making changes. I cannot just export and import the posts so I will leave the content at the domain.

Going forward, the custom domain will be hosted elsewhere and I will write there. I think this will happen relatively soon perhaps in the next few days. I have realized I cannot write on two different platforms. Sometimes it’s hard to write on one blog. I just desire something else than what is here. So soon, the custom domain will move to which I have tried a few times but admitted defeat when I tried to maintain multiple blogs. I feel that offers an interesting mix of community, commenting, and the focus on writing I like.

Thanks everyone for reading my blog.

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