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What Roscoe asked...

I took in some waiting for my friend to arrive from Can Tho Vietnam. I read only a few blogs since I’ve kinda left most of it for other pastures but I wanted to mention this that Roscoe asked. If you feel it’s time to leave some platform, it probably is. I left this one for no other reason than change. I wanted something else. I left behind many. So many. Stuff like drupal, typepad, movabletype, so many Wordpress instances self hosted and a few endeavors. A very old friend from the Technorati days would tell me about blogging and change,

when it’s time and you feel it, it’s time.

Technorati used to be a blogging focused resource. One could see the 100 most popular blogs, who was trending. Who had so called authority. How did one get authority in the blogosphere? By having others link to blogposts by their permalinks. More links from others, more authority. Back then I worked at Technorati when it was a rough and ready startup. I did operations when there were 10 servers in a garage and then later a couple hundred in a data center in the mission.

But the words always struck by me. So I changed too. Gone are the days of so long ago when blogging had something else. Still the same voices write from the pioneering days. Folks like Doc Searls. Then I changed and it changed.

So Roscoe take the change. My friend has landed at Hanoi airport. Soon time to meet her for burgers and beer. Maybe my last post here as I change. Do the needful. Do the change. It’s all worth it or not. You decide the worth.

Sayonara all. This is it for me but I wanted to write a last piece of detritus on Catch you in the new place if you visit.

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