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Going to Can Tho

Next week I will be going down south to the Mekong Delta and the city of Can Tho to see Lily. She came up here just recently and we spent some nice days together enjoying Hanoi, the food, some wandering around, and the beer. I had seen her in Saigon some months before when my iPhone got stolen. Then I rode down later on the bus when I visited Quy Nhon and Saigon.

I tried to plan a few short trips here in Vietnam before I leave in February so in January will go to Saigon one more time for two days. I decided to get a nice hotel there and walk the city one last time.

new toys for Mike

Yeah. New toys will arrive in California. I bought one of the new MacBook Air m1 systems at the base level because it looks like fun and it reminds me of the wonderful and compact MacBook 12 inch laptop I had which I really enjoyed. Besides the damned keyboard. I ended up having to take it to shops here and in Da Nang to get various keys fixed. Nice thing was they did not charge me but I had decided to get rid of the laptop and get a new iPad Air. Now the Apple silicon laptop with its battery life, ability to run some iOS apps natively like Darkroom for photo editing, and it’s size captured me.

remaining time here

Amazing really. I think back on the almost year here and it’s been a really good time. I’ve enjoyed so many things here. Went to a wedding celebration of some dear Vietnamese friends, traveled around Vietnam as I wanted, ate and drank. Met more friends here like Paul and his wife Duyen. Now I feel fortunate to have met Tina here who is a wandering spirit herself.

The time here has been a wondrous set of moments I’ll treasure forever but even with Thailand opening I know I cannot stay in Asia. I’ve reached the zenith of it and it’s time to go onward or sideways. Just not back. An old work colleague had this sign by his desk,

Don’t look back. We are not going that way

So I’ll go on. On to see my wondrous Lily and sit and eat and drink with her again. Talk and tease and laugh. Get many hugs. I’m going to Can Tho but the spirit and soul know the wandering goes further. Just like I wandered to writing in different places but ended up going to Thanks to inquiry and TMO here for welcoming me back. But it’s not really back. Because we are not going that way. It’s always forward or maybe sideways with the words. And it’s ok.

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