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Birthday comes along

It’s my birthday today. I decided this morning to sit down and write this post because a year ago I found myself in Taiwan finishing up two months wandering there. Two years ago it was Cambodia. Amazing times. Now it’s Hanoi Vietnam and it’s been Vietnam for a year just about. Vietnam has kept me safer and very happy in a time of uncertainty and fear. Never have I felt that the government and health ministry did not care for all people here. I’ve been very grateful and having a birthday it seems particularly relevant to consider. I don’t have big memories or a past worthy of reliving. I have now. I’ve realized time is not really real and all it does is subject us to the whims and forces of a clock and calendars. Instead we have moments to grab. Some can be indescribably long. Others gone not long after you experience them.

For me it’s leaving in an hour for the airport and flying south to Can Tho and my sweet Lily. She has sent me numerous wishes. Her friend and partner told me to,

Smile even when I don’t have teeth

And to be happy and blessed in all my life. That tooth part is particular to here I think. I love the sentiment. And as though to put it all to rest, James Taylor sings The Secret of Life.

Back blogging from beautiful Can Tho later. Take care all. It’s a lovely ride. Thanks JT.

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