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My second day in Can Tho

Today is my second day here. Woke up rather early and had the included breakfast buffet at the wonderful TTC premium hotel here. More expensive but I deserve. Yeah? Yeah! 😃.

So I walked down the riverfront area and stopped for coffee at a nice cafe. Then came back and relaxed in the room for awhile. Headed out around 5pm for dinner and just like that the rain fell. It was really coming down here for about 30 minutes. That’s the basic rule of rain here. First the wind picks up on a cloudy day. Thunder and lightning may start. Then a few raindrops. Kinda isolated at first. But I watch the Vietnamese and when they stop their motorbikes and start with the rain gear it’s gonna start. Soon it’s pouring down and people take shelter. I start watching the sky and a patch of blue sky appears. Now it’s been 25 minutes and the rain changes to less. The wind has stopped. Then it just stops. Everyone stops and takes off the rain gear and continues their stuff. I do my stuff.

Today. The same pattern. Now it’s beautiful out. Still cloudy but no hint of wind or rain. So I sit on my balcony writing this. It’s nighttime. Cooler breezes. I’m lazy. So I will finish this. Had a great day today. Nothing much happened. That’s good!

Tomorrow is my last full day here. My wonderful Vietnamese friends Lily and Tran will meet me again to say goodbye. I don’t know when I will see them again. We will have some beer at Sao Hom right by the river and eat there. They have fusion foods but most is Vietnamese.

It’s both sad times and happy. My time’s coming up and I move on. I’m excited and thrilled to be going. Then I think of all my retired friends living in Southeast Asia and the wonderful Vietnamese and Khmer friends I have. That creates the sadness factor. Southeast Asia has become my edge. My zone. My place. Now I go and find another. Another continent to wander in. A mix of happiness and sorrow.

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