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Blogging Energy

It’s been a few days between posts for me. I started a few posts but found the desire and energy waning. I went this morning for coffee and banh mi down the street with my friend Paul. We talk about Vietnam and his wonderful Vietnamese wife Duyen a lot. I also ordered a few things online here from a wonderful delivery store here called Lazada. Everything comes COD and is delivered right to my door and then I pay the delivery person. Shopping online here is pretty easy given the number of stores which do the same.

This time I bought a warmer jacket and some sweat type pants. The jacket was about $10 and it’s really warm. The pants are about $20 for both pair. So now I wait for the call that the person is downstairs. They call me on my Vietnamese phone number. The delivery person speaks English and tells me he is here like this,

Mr. Mike? I have your package downstairs. Can you please come down?

So I go down and pay in cash and thank the driver and all done. I think buying stuff here is much simpler than in the US.

I still have this real lack of desire writing here. Perhaps this post just explains that I may take a few days more off. It’s not the holidays because I have not bought into them for years. Perhaps I miss my Lily. She messaged me just to find out if I was ok yesterday. I think later today will go out for a nice walk again here. Perhaps find another coffee shop to sit at. Think no thoughts and just watch the people move around.

I’ll be back here when I have some energy to write. Not sure when that is. Probably a few days. I doubt before Christmas so have a good holiday weekend everyone wherever your time zone finds you.

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