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Sunday morning in blog time

Today I’m more lazy and less inclined to do much of anything. Sunday always seems like a day of less. Here in Hanoi people still work but the usual coffee shop is busy with mostly Vietnamese enjoying. Guitar playing. Voices. Laughter. A song being sung. Sometimes things seem surreal here. Like I was transported from some other world and placed here to simply enjoy life. My friend HDH says the same. Like we both stepped into a time and space machine and he wandered out in Cambodia and me here in Hanoi.

Living here is not an exercise or difficulty. Every thing I could need is outside the door one way or another. Food, coffee, sometimes being around others even if I don’t understand the language. I think it’s better to not and be the true stranger in a strange land. Then wandering on this edge, down some street, around a corner carries nothing with it. I can simply go either in real time or my memories of years past. Last year was Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The year before was Cambodia. The destinations are not important as Robert Louis Stevenson noted about travel. It’s not the arriving that matters. It’s the going. Countries and continents never mattered to me. Those are also destinations.

So Sunday blogging time comes and goes. Words imprinted in this markdown editor. Moments run forever. The coffee awaits. There’s no rush. No impatience on a Sunday in Hanoi. So I stopped for a second ca phe sua.

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