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Work in progress

Yeah. It’s a work in progress. A new domain should work. I need this tapestry again. So I’m back to write here and post my photos of life in Hanoi on mastodon. As ever, the winds of change buffet this little craft to other shores. I won’t be posting to any longer. Instead now will write here. There’s no splitting this old soul into pieces. I can’t write in two places and I prefer writing here. There is a lot of I like. I just like more of I prefer it’s tapestry and slate to fill up with words.

I have waffled back and forth. I’m flighty. So sue me. I do like waffles. With maple syrup and butter. I know a place here in Hanoi that does them. After lunar new year perhaps I go.

The new domain because I messed up the old one and let it go. I like the .site domains. I feel in good company.

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