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Time to think

I’ve been enjoying lately. Thanks everyone that participates, creates, and comments! Wanted to mention Inquiry particularly. I don’t do good advice on most things and I’d never suggest a person do what I did. Each of us has to find something of value and worth in what we do. I think you still find both in IT. That’s good! I left after 20 some years not feeling that buzz. But I had decided before then the US was not for me. I think you will find the things worthy and challenging as long as you follow your own heart, mind and soul. My kids don’t call either. Strange how that works. It’s ok though. They have their lives. My ex wife calls more. Mixed blessing! Lol.

So whether I would be here or there it’s no different. For me, here is better. It’s just a step I knew I would take over a decade ago. For you perhaps you find other steps that will let you find joy and happiness. For sure, 60 is a good year. Revel in it, boomer! 😎

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