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Sitting not thinking

So being old I get the choice. I don’t care to do both. It’s too taxing. Anyways I’m practicing sitting with music going and not doing anything. Kinda like my other days. Today I am using the WriteFreely iOS app on my toy. The iPhone toy. Next to me a young family shows up at the bench next. The boys wave and smile. The mom takes delight in seeing them wave and smile. It seems most times when I sit at the lake that I’m greeted by kids and young people. They are really active at the “hello” thing. Old people are more serene and will nod and wave. Amazing there was a war here once. You could come now and never see a memory of it besides in museums. The Vietnamese people love Americans I think. Some believe America is a dream for them. The place is the land of plenty. Dreams and wonders. Many have told me they fantasize about a life there. But always to come back. Because Vietnam needs them and their muscle and their brains. Witness this article about how a generation here is becoming lost due to Covid. Now America is not the next stop or any stop for their dreams. Many cannot go and fear losing so much.

To me sitting here the edge is a real thing. It balances on the head of geography, economics and politics. Meanwhile the young move in a direction. Sometimes not forward or back. Sometimes lost in the same place here.

My daughter in California fares no better. Her entire life disrupted. She went from adult to adult child by moving back home. Only one story amidst millions.

So I sit and determine not to think. Instead I watch the mom and dad play with their boys here. Only a moment. But they will grow up and it reminds me of the saying RWR would tell me,

nothing so constant as change

There is no permanence, no stability, no status quo. Give it a moment and it fades.

Just like life on this park bench.

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