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It’s Tuesday afternoon so this must be Hanoi. I’ve gone through a few changes and decisions on keeping my blog on There’s some things I’d like to see. Perhaps Matt will see my little list.

  1. I’d like a better mobile experience with themes, pinning and unpinning posts. Doing this on small screens is painful. Even on my iPad Air it gets kinda frustrating at times. Themes especially are difficult on mobile. Copying and pasting the theme into the custom CSS editor always seems hit and miss. Then removing the theme is difficult on mobile.
  2. Better integration with and either the compose window or the iOS editor. These two things seem isolated way too much to do daily posts where I want to have images and text flowing around each other. Must be a way to have be more included in the work flow of writing posts from the compose window.
  3. A more inclusive workflow with the iOS editor. We should be able to use iCloud storage for drafts and then have those drafts available from a second device. Posting anonymously can work but why not use cloud storage on iOS? This will mean I can pick up editing on the iPad when I start on the iPhone.
  4. Finally, better integration with mastodon. I don’t know how does this but I can actually post to my mastodon account and not do the federation sharing thing. In other words, writing a blog post with sharing to mastodon switched on means the post shows up as part of my account. This would mean potential readers of my blog would see my posts show up in my instance and my account. I like this option a lot. Can we have this?

None of these are big things to me. Just a collection of things I’ve wondered why or why not. I don’t intend on leaving or just letting the blog wither away as I move elsewhere. I’m pretty happy here.

How about it Matt?

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